Crash pads are, essentially, all of the same stuff, right? Then why are they so different?
Here, we’ll compare our favorite three pads to give you and idea of how yours stacks up!

1. The SoiLL Pad

Padded Waist Band
Padded Shoulders
Sternum Strap
Paired Attatchable Gap Pad
Bottom Flap – helps keep stowed gear safe
Sliced Taco Style Fold
Ample Handles

The SoiLL crash pad is cush.. In spirit and in usability. This pad carries very comfortably, with heavily padded shoulder straps, and a padded waist strap, you might even forget it’s there. Usually light couples with a short life, but so far SoiLL has so far exceeded our expectations in that regard. 2 years of HARD work and its still as bouncy and in one piece as the day we unpacked it. The SoiLL folds taco style, and seems pricey until you factor in that it comes standard with it’s very own gap pad(a tool every boulderer should have) that secures directly to the main pad itself. Closure flaps maintain that your gear is kept with you while scrambling through your approach.
The pro list most certainly robust, but in the spirit of full disclosure: super, super tiny climbers be aware, you may need to pop free the first row of stitches on the waist strap to be able to cinch the belt down über snug, but the sternum strap almost makes up for the need.


Landing zone – 47.50 x 39.50 in.

Thickness – 4.25 in.

Pad closure buckles – Aluminum

Backpack buckles – Plastic

weight –

price  $249.00 usd

Available at

2. Organic Climbing Full Pad

Fully Customizable Landing Zone
Padded Shoulder Straps
Sternum Strap
Non-padded Waist Strap
Extra Handles

Surely any one who’s been out bouldering with a mix of people has, at some point, fallen on an organic pad. Their fun and colorful landing zones are fully customizable. From slashes of multi colored scrap fabric to, for a fee, anything your heart can imagine – and vector. The pads are 100% American made, even down to the foam. All of this considered, the price tag is really reasonable.  The pad is comfortable enough to wear, while the shoulder straps have pretty decent padding, the waist has none, leaving a little to be desired for those long approaches. The Organic is a little stiffer than the SoiLL, which makes it a little harder to bottom out, but less comfortable when you’re in that tiny roof problem and you flap flat on your back.
The pad has a wonderfully long lifespan, and the foam is replaceable.
! But don’t forget you’ll have to add a gap pad to your shopping cart, they come sold separate.
All in all, Organic, you’re doing a great job sweetie.


Landing Zone – 48 x 36 in.

Thickness – 4 in.

Pad closure buckles – Aluminum

Backpack buckles – Plastic

Weight –  12 LBs

Price – $185.00 usd

Available at

2. Black Diamond Mondo

Thinly Padded Shoulder Straps
Thinly Padded Waist Strap
Extra Handles
So Many Handles
Split Taco Style

This pad is a beast.
We love it because it’s a monster, but for the same reason, we sure don’t want to get stuck carrying it. The straps have virtually no padding, which, being the heaviest out of the group, isn’t totally appreciated. The foam is thick, 5 inches of “I gotchu babe”, something our knees are most certainly grateful for. Unfortunately, as utilitarian as the pad seems, the fabric isn’t the most durable and in order for it to live a long and full life you’ll need to be a little more gentle. Dragging this pad will not bode well for its outer layer, which is kind of a let down given the hefty price, but with the Mondo’s generous landing zone small adjustment drags shouldn’t be as frequent.
Once again, you’re gap pad will be have to be a separate purchase.
At the end of the day though, we’d be thrilled to see this monster laid out in our landing zone.


Landing zone – 44 x 65 in.

Thickness – 5 in.

Pad closure buckles – aluminum

Back-pack buckles – aluminum hook

Weight – 20.6 LB

Price – $399.95 usd

Available at

 First place is certainly tied between the SoiLL and the Organic, SoiLL jumping in the lead for including a much desired gap pad but Organic closes in with it’s awesome customizability.

So maybe, one of each…?

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  • LK says:

    You can get a padded hip belt for an Organic pad–the “muffin protector”; it’s just not included in the basic price. It’s removable and can be added to years old pads or your newest family member.