Jessica Capalbo took a moment to pull out her go to shoes, The New Zeros, and share her thoughts on the shoe, competition, and what gets her stoked to get on the wall.

The New Zero – at a glance

Shoe Features

  • Ultra Thin Midsole
  • Slipper Mid
  • Seamless Toe Cap
  • Down turned Toe
  • Synthetic Upper (vegan friendly)
  • Dark Matter Rubber
  • Snug Heel and Toe Box
  • Lightweight
  • Full Toe Coverage

Best For

  • Smearing
  • Steep Terrain
  • Bouldering/Sport
  • Heel hooking
  • Elite/Advanced

Thanks to Jessica Capalbo (@jessilouhoo_) for climbing and overviewing The New Zero, and of course SoiLL for providing gear and Mesa Rim for providing a location.

Filming and Editing by Alex Blackbird ( @venomblackbird )

Featured in this video are the The New Zero, SoiLL’s women’s denim, Mesa Rim’s Training Academy.

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