Fashion, meet function.

The struggle between wearing your cool shoes to the crag (doomed to spend the day slipping while you scramble) or wearing proper approach shoes (and feeling like Buzz Aldrin clunking through a talus field-useful, but painfully unattractive and over engineered) is real.

So iLL is soon dropping the solution to this dilemma.

Introducing, the So iLL approach shoe, aka, The Approach.

so iLL approach shoe
Dark Matter Military Grade Rubber
Rubber Toe Guard
Ultra High Foxing
Reinforced Heel
Padded Canvas

Upper : Padded Canvas

Rubber – Dark Matter-Military Grade

These shoes wear like a battle ready Converse.

A moderately stiff midsole, for support, while ascending, mid-topped to protect your (probably previously sprained) ankles while hopping from sketchy rock to even sketchier rock, and equipped with a nearly inch and a half worth of foxing (see diagram above) all offered in two killer color ways. So iLL black on black, and a rad retro green – in collaboration with Organic Climbing.

I love the feel. I love the usability. I love that anyone can look cool wearing these anywhere without appearing like lost hiker just in from a too long trip out into the back country of the Adirondacks.


  • durable
  • climbing rubber sole and toe
  • breathable
  • stylish
  • supportive


  • not good for snorkeling
  • may cause other climbers to gawk in envy

The LV gives the So iLL Approach Shoes all 4 stars!

To nab your own pair, visit:

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