Introducing 100,000 kids to climbing.

Kevin Jorgeson had an idea.

SoiLL had a want.

TOMS has experience.

These three have teamed up at their intersect to build a non profit with one goal, getting kids on the wall.

“Climbing changed my life. When I was nine, I went to the grand opening of a climbing gym and from there on out, there was life before climbing and life after climbing. 1Climb has the potential to change the trajectory of a kid’s life. For that simple reason, we want to introduce climbing to as many kids as possible. ”

– Kevin Jorgeson

1CLIMB can either take kids climbing or they can bring climbing to them.

They want to do both.

This Indiegogo campaign will help 1CLIMB build multiple climbing walls at Boys and Girls Clubs around the country.

1CLIMB has set their first goal at 100,000.

Introducing 100,000 kids to the freedom, the movement, and the love of climbing; and you can be a part of it.
Head over to 1 CLIMB’s indigogo campaign to learn more about 1CLIMB or to contribute and score one of a kind gear from TOMS and SoiLL.