We asked climber Dr. Lea Hernandez to take the Free Range LV for a test spin, and share her thoughts on the shoe, climbing, and what gets her stoked to get outside.

Free Range LV – at a glance

Shoe Features

  • Semi Stiff Toe Box (stiff, but still has some give and felxability)
  • Down-turned Toe
  • Single Strap 3 point Tightening
  • Thick Padded Tongue
  • Synthetic (vegan friendly)
  • Dark Matter Rubber
  • Snug Heel and Toe Box

Best for

  • Steep/Overhung climbing
  • Precision Edging (on vertical walls)
  • Heel Hooking
  • Bouldering/Sport
  • Int./Advanced climbers

Thanks to Dr. Leandra (@hipposqwiggles) for climbing and overviewing the Free Range LV, Dr. Elli Jahangiri (@ellizura ) for music design, and of course SoiLL for providing gear.

Filming and Editing by Alex Blackbird ( @venomblackbird )

Featured in this video are the Free Range LV, lady’s joggers, and SoiLL crashpads.

For more information, or to shop, visit SoiLLholds.com