Exactly what it sounds like.

Without knowing what chalk brands were participating, we asked 6 ladies to blindly dunk their hands into 3 chalk buckets and tell us what they really thought.

Here’s what they had to say:

Our breakdown:

1. Buttermilks

This chalk is made from a base of all natural plant ingredients that give a very unique user experience.
The first coat feels so dry you could almost call it slick, but the second your hands begin to perspire, the chalk body changes completely and becomes more gritty, giving you more friction and grip assist.
We would call Buttermilks, in a word, subtle.
The coats aren’t cakey, and you’re not likely to leave a whole lot of white on the wall.

We love the eco-in-mind packaging, and the non harmful ingredient list.

Keep your eyes out for these guys, Buttermilks is a living brand who is listening for feedback so they can tweak and perfect their product!

*pro tip, if you have dryer hands, but still want to give these guys a try, opt for the chunky formula. The blocks will help make up for the your lack of sweat.


2. So iLL Distribution - Tokyo Powder

One word.
This chalk does it’s job, and with gusto.
So iLL’s Tokyo Powder is committed, committed to staying on your hands, and committed to doing everything in it’s power to ensure you’re not going anywhere once you’re on the wall. The texture is ultra fine while maintaining a consistency that would leave anyone commenting “thicc”. Sweaty hands, dry hands, this chalk leaves a slightly tacky feel that makes your perspiration rate a non-issue.

Use with caution, as SoiLL’s Tokyo Powder will make a snob out of you.
*Boost Packs available to up grip from crazy to bonkers.


3. Friction Labs

This chalk is no fuss.
It has a very familiar feel, slightly gritty, slightly clumpy, like a fancy gym chalk.
The coats go on somewhere between our two other brands, not super thick, but not super fine either. We found that this chalk does it’s best when paired with it’s liquid chalk counterpart.

If you like to keep it simple but want to support a brand who supports a lot of cool people, give Friction Labs a try.