Getting better is a balancing act.

 Red pointing alone will not make you a stronger, better, or happier climber.

To offer you some new balance to your normal routine, follow along with our monthly yoga posture.

October 2018

Boat  – Navasana

Boat pose is a core killer. It’s here to get your whole core online and ready to real your feet back onto the wall.

Do this posture at the end of your climbing session after properly warming up.*

  • Begin seated on your tail bone with knees bent, back straight, chest open, and shoulders rolled back.

  • Engaging your core, lift your feet until your shins are parallel with the floor.

  • From here, either release your hands from the back of your knees, palms facing upward, while keeping your feet and legs elevated with only your core, or continue on to the full expression.

In the full expression of navasana, your legs are straight.

In both variations of the posture, pay attention to these key posture points:

  • arms are parallel to the floor with with palms facing the ceiling
  • back is straight, with your chest open and shoulders plugged in, back and down.
  • feet are pointed while flexed toes
  • quads are engaged with muscular energy
  • gaze is forward with a relaxed neck

Beware of rounding your back in either variation of boat.

A strong elongated spine is what makes this posture work.