Getting better is a balancing act.

 That Moon Board alone will not make you a stronger, better, or happier climber.

To offer you some new balance to your normal routine, follow along with our monthly yoga posture.


July 2018

Half Bound Lotus Standing Forward Fold  – Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana

If you’re doin’ it right, your legs are getting a work out on the wall. So at the end of your session, treat your hips and lower back to a nice deep stretch.

Do this posture at the end of your climbing session after a properly warming up.*


Start in tadasana, standing.


Shift your weight and begin to lift your right foot off the ground.

Slowly, bend your right knee towards your belly, and position your foot in half lotus. (In the nook of your left hip with the bottom of your foot facing up and toes active to protect your bending knee.)

Pause here and feel your body. If there is any pain in your knee, release the posture.

Extend your left hand, thumb pointing towards the floor, sweep your hand back bending behind your back, and grasp your big toe with your index fingers and thumb.


Energetically lift your right hand towards the sky, plug in your shoulders, square your hips, and take a deep inhale.

On your next inhale, fold forward.

Maintaining a strong and straight back, let your head and hips relax while keeping your shoulders plugged in drawing away from your ears.

Rest here for 5 slow breaths.

When you’re ready to come out of the posture, engage your legs and back and, while maintaining the bind, come up halfway with a straight back.

Pause here, inhale.

On your next inhale stand all the way up, pressing firmly into your standing big toe, and gently release the bind and leg.

(repeat on the left.)

Modify to for ease:

Follow the first few steps, but instead of setting your for into lotus, let it sit lower in figure four.

Lift both hands, with shoulders back and down.

On an exhale, fold forward.

Bending your standing leg deepens your stretch here.

Like above, relax your head and neck, keep shoulders plugged in, and after 5 deep slow breaths lift halfway up.

Pause and inhale.

On your next inhale, stand all the way up and slowly release your foot.

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