Getting better is a balancing act.

 Peg boarding alone will not make you a stronger, better, or happier climber.

To offer you some new balance to your normal routine, follow along with our monthly yoga posture.

August 2018

Upward Plank  – Purvottanasana

This posture is a team player. It’ll get your shoulders working, your calves, shins, quads, back, core, even toes firing up.

Do this posture at the end of your climbing session after a properly warming up.*

  • Begin seated with legs straight in front of you, internally rotating together, with toes pointed.


  • Place  your hands 6 inches to a foot behind your hips, palms down, finger tips pointing towards your feet.
  • Tuck your tailbone, taking the arch out of your back, slowly lift your hips high, with the goal in mind of touching your toes to the ground.

  • Let your head either stay upright gazing upright, in a neutral position looking at the sky, or relaxed back looking behind you.

Listen to your neck, if you feel discomfort relaxing back, gently lift your head back up.

  • Stay in this posture for 5 slow and controlled breaths.

When you’re ready to come out of this posture, lift your head back to upright first, then lower down with control.

Head/neck in neutral position
Head/neck relaxed completely back.

Use caution if suffering from:

  • shoulder injury
  • wrist injury
  • neck injury

Activation to remember:

  • shoulders strong, lifting chest
  • legs stuck together
  • all corners of your hands planted firmly
  • elbows softly bent (not locked)

* a yogic warmup will contain at least 10 sun salutations to prime your muscles for intensive work or stretch. 

We like to do 6 Sun A, and 6 Sun B before getting deep into any posture.

Treat your body well, you only have one!

For the visual learner, watch how to get in and out of this posture: