Summer is going, but not forgotten.

We gathered some of our favorite things from our favorite brands for our summer give away, but with the fall climbing season fast approaching we thought now was as good a time as any to get you up to speed on our top 5 must haves on any crag day.

Face and Body SPF

by Amavara

Take care of your skin, take care of your skin, take care of your skin.

Now that you for some reason feel so inclined to take care of your skin, lets talk about sunscreen. Amavara has created a brand new thing in the sunscreen world, a transparent mineral sunscreen that’s not going to kill our oceans. Oh haven’t you heard? Sunscreens are full of stuff that destroys and poisons things that swim or soak. You might not be jumping in the ocean after a day of climbing, but guess where your shower drain leads, into your lakes, rivers, estuaries, and ocean. And news flash, we need all that wet stuff healthy and happy.

But let’s talk about what Amavara does for you, personally. Their formula is water safe, so that means it’s not going to run when you sweat and you can put it on dry or wet skin. It’s keeping your skin safe from cancer and dehydration–improving your preformance. Lastly, Amavara has created the perfect sunscreen in that, wait for it, it’s totally non greasy.

That’s right, no fear of sunscreen application at the boulder field.

Go on, protect yourself.

Hydration Mix + Anytime Energy Bars

by Skratch Labs

Proper hydration improves muscle function, recovery time, and brain function to name just a very few.

And hunger, well I’m sure we’ve all been stuck trying to finish a task hangry. No bueno.

We LOVE Skratch Labs, the kind of – we buy it full price at REI – type of love. Born from a need to fuel Tour De France cyclists with real food nutrition, from scratch (get it?).

Their formulas are all created from verified non GMO whole foods, formulated to help you be the best, strongest version of you that nutrition can help with.

Pretty sweet.

Seeker – Collapsible Water Pack

by hydrapak

We’ve already covered how important it is to stay hydrated, and you need a vessel to get the good stuff from your source at home, to your mouth on the trail.

Well here it is.

Hydrapak has made the Seeker capable of holding 2 liters securely, and makes sure that it can fit into any shaped pack or space.

We love this convenient container.

Buttermilks Skin Balm

by Buttermilks Climbing

There are a lot of skin salves on the market these days, but our hearts currently belong to buttermilks. Form meets function in their super environmentally thoughtful cardboard push tube, finished with emery paper to help keep the tips, tip-top, with only the best for you ingredients on the inside.



by SoiLL

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need something awesome to pack your gear and treats up in.

We love all of the little storage spaces on The Mountain, fanny pack pouches on the waist band, side straps and bottle holders, all with the comfort of a pack with an optional frame.

(ooh and it comes with a super cute rain cover stowed away in the bottom pouch)




Oh an that little guy >

That’s SoiLL Distribution’s only brush you’ll need.

But really, it’s THE not so top secret brush all of the Japanese pros are stoked on right now, for a great reason.